pátek 28. ledna 2011

What I'm using every day ?

 Hello everyone !
Today I decided to show you what
I'm using everyday.
I really like all these things
don't hesitate to try them :)
So, my make-up is from Lancome
and I have to say it's great!
Powder is from Dermacol and it smells
like vanilla so I felt in love with that powder :)
I'm using mascara and makeup
everyday and just sometimes eyeshadow.
Lust duster shimmering loose powder
from Benefit is amazing.
And here you can see my pefrumes :)
Tresor IN LOVE from my boyfriend
and Scarlett (Cacharel ) bought me my dad.
I have a lot of others,but these are the best ! :)
Have a great day !

6 komentářů:

  1. Amazing perfumes :)



  2. N a tvoj Blog som klikla dnes prvý krát..a budeš ma tu mať častejšie ako to tak vidím:D..Btw tú špirálu a make-up máme doma.

  3. ten lak mam taky, ten je proste nejlepsi!!


  4. ty parfémy vypadají kráasně.

  5. Trésor IN LOVE je úžasný ... !


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