úterý 25. ledna 2011

But the party don't stop

 Hello everyone,
As I promised,there are some photos
from the saturday party.
It was amazing I really enjoyed it
with my bestfriends, but it was a shame
that my boyfriend couldn't come I missed him.
My friend Isabela made a perfect cake
for birthday girls :D
Strawberry cake,just perfect you know :)
I had a great saturday party !

 The only photo where I don't look so badly :D 
I can't understand how I could stay in that horrible
winter outside,just for take a pic :D
Have a great day everyone ! <3

8 komentářů:

  1. that party was your birthday party?
    happy birthday jaja
    nice photos!!
    see you on my blog!

  2. It was a party of my friends :)
    thank you,your blog is nice ! :)

  3. máš pěkný šaty:)...jo a tý čepice už jsem si všimla minule z těch tvých fotek:)

  4. Wow you look stunning!!!!!!
    Love your dress and your hair.

  5. Slusi moc:) Mas nadherne vlasy!

  6. You looks so beautiful!!
    I like your outfit from the previous post by the way...
    Thanks for your comment on my blog. I like your blog. I'm following now :)
    Check out my latest post if you want ;)

  7. You look fabulous, the dress is perfect on you! xx

  8. ďakujem za komentár :) Určite to skús aj ty. Budeš sa cítiť oveľa lepšie, keď pre seba niečo spravíš :)


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