sobota 15. ledna 2011

Because you are amazing

Hello everybody,
today I woke up and I realized that there's nothing for breakfast :D
So I dressed up quickly and went to the shop.
 When I came home I pleased my boyfriend
to take some shoots of me. So this was my outfit for today.
Faux fur knit from Zara is my favourite:)

 Finally there's no snow !

 Have a nice weekend everyone !

8 komentářů:

  1. Pekne outfity.. :) ale urcite by vynikli viac na trosku vacsich fotkach :)

  2. lovely pictures! you look lovely :)

    The Flower Girl


  3. super cute sweater!

    please check out our store @ !

  4. thnx sweetie for the lovely comment:) i would love to support each other and follow?? what do you think:)?xx

  5. Thank you :) your blog looks really nice I allready followed you:)

  6. i love your jacket and the fur on it is gorgeous!kisses♥

  7. ten svetr je úž a děkuju za komentář:)


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